Türkiye & Syria - Earthquake February 2023


Welcome, my dear, to this distinguished article in which we will talk about one of the greatest geological events that occur on Earth, whose occurrence factors require thousands, or perhaps millions of years, and result in many calamities and disasters that require many years to repair.

And countries affected by earthquakes are more in need of aid than neighboring countries, in addition to the economic factors that the country is witnessing in this period, as well as families that are displaced and many painful deaths. Therefore, in that article, we will talk briefly about earthquakes and the geological factors that lead to them.

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Now, what are earthquakes?


Earthquakes occur when two blocks of the Earth's crust suddenly slip past one another, releasing energy in the form of seismic waves that can cause the ground to shake or rupture. These events can be caused by various factors such as tectonic activity, volcanic eruptions, or man-made activities like mining and underground explosions. The Richter scale is used to measure the magnitude or strength of seismic waves produced by earthquakes. Earthquakes can be extremely hazardous, causing damage to buildings, roads, and other infrastructure, as well as injuries and loss of life.

You may be wondering now, what are the causes and geological factors that lead to earthquakes?

Scientists confirm that there are a number of explanatory and unexplained factors that may lead to earthquakes, so we will explain briefly the most important of them

the two sides of the fault move horizontally past each other. Firstly ,

secondly, Volcanic activity: Volcanic activity can also contribute to earthquakes, especially in areas with active volcanoes. As magma rises to the surface, it can cause the ground to shift and create earthquakes.

. Third,Human activity: Human activities such as mining, drilling, and the construction of large dams can also cause earthquakes by altering the natural stresses in the Earth's crust.

so, earthquakes are a result of various geological factors including tectonic plate movements, faulting, volcanic activity, and human activity. These factors can cause the Earth's crust to shift and create seismic waves that result in earthquakes.

What about the earthquake in Syria and Turkey on February 6, 2023?


The region in Turkey and Syria that was severely impacted by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and its subsequent aftershocks is recognized for its history of significant seismic activity, but it had been many years since an earthquake of this magnitude had occurred. Tragically, over 5,000 individuals lost their lives in the affected area.

Why was the February 6th earthquake the most violent and destructive?

The earthquake that occurred on land was remarkably powerful, according to Margarita Segou, a seismologist at the British Geological Survey say that :. Typically, underwater earthquakes are the strongest. The quake was located near Gaziantep, a heavily populated city and provincial capital in Turkey. The affected regions contained many older high-rise buildings that were susceptible to damage


, as per Kishor Jaiswal, a USGS structural engineer say that :. While newer buildings in cities such as Istanbul were constructed with modern earthquake standards, the area of southern Turkey lacked such structures. Researchers also suggested that years of war and fast-paced construction in Syria may have made buildings more vulnerable. Numerous buildings collapsed as a result of the earthquake, including those that fell straight down due to upper floors collapsing onto lower floors, known as "pancake" collapses

. Jaiswal added tha:t rescue operations have been impeded by icy temperatures and traffic congestion as inhabitants try to flee the affected areas.


And now, dear friend, after I have presented in this distinguished article all that is on your mind regarding the earthquake in turkey and Syria

The February 6th earthquakes were the strongest to hit the following Arab cities: Syria, Turkey, and the whole world. Many Arab countries, such as Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, sent supplies and aid to help the wounded. As a result of these earthquakes, the whole world felt the pain and wounds that will never heal. Of course, those lying under the rubble are waiting for salvation, as well as those whose hearts are broken for their loved ones.

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