What is CHAT GPT? And how to make money with it ?



"Hello my dear friends, in this article we will talk about the most amazing thing you can experience, it is Chat GPT. This sophisticated tool will greatly simplify things for business owners. With it, you can accomplish great volumes of articles and research that previously would have taken a lot of time to search for information on Google and other published research papers. Chat GPT is a miracle in the field of artificial intelligence and I believe everyone will use it and it will become an essential part of their life to achieve tasks that were previously difficult to accomplish with ease."

What is the founding company of chat GPT?

Chat GPT was introduced as a trial version on November 30, 2022 and gained popularity for its in-depth answers and articulate responses in various fields of knowledge. However, its inconsistent factual accuracy was seen as a major flaw. After the launch of Chat GPT, OpenAI's worth was estimated to be 29 billion US dollars.

What is chat GPT ?

Chat GPT is an powerful conversational model created by OpenAI. It can give you an answer like  human in chat ,we can use it  language translation, and summarizing text. Chat GPT is trained on a large corpus of texts from the web, so it has the ability to respond to various subjects and queries.

How do I use chat GPT? Maybe you're excited right now and want to ask me:


Chat GPT bots can perform various functions such as:

writing code

conducting research

and writing articles

generating new ideas

answering questions

solving math problems

translating languages,

And too many things you can explore it, so chat GPT

Helping you get paid by completing those tasks in seconds

Thus, getting a lot of dollars without any effort

So what are you waiting for to use such a genius tool.

Now, my friend, you might want to know if chat GPT is free?

Yes ,chat GPT is free to use for all people .The chat GPT tool was not available as an application that could be downloaded on phones in the past

But fortunately , it was recently developed and available on the App Store:



And now, dear friend, after I have presented in this distinguished article all that is on your mind regarding the CHAT GPT tool, you should know that there is a limit to the answers that it can give you, and you cannot trust CHAT GPT to a large extent

Whatever the knowledge of the information from the source is much more accurate

Keep in mind THAT Relying on chat GPT to prepare content will not succeed in deceiving search engines Here are official links of the application:


IOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1665814139

After installing the app, enter code: HI:H77VHG:805796399 to get 10,000 tokens for free!

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