What is Neom? Home to The Line at Saudi Arabia's megacity


Hello, dear friends, in one of the most interesting articles in which we will talk about the city of" Neom", that city is a dream, and the completion of its ambitious project is a dream.

After Prince Mohammed bin Salman launched it, it is worth noting that the city will operate with 100% clean energy.

What is in NEOM?

The estimated cost of the project exceeds $500 billion. On January 29, 2019, Saudi Arabia announced the establishment of a private limited company called Neom. The company is wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund and is dedicated exclusively to the development of the Neom Economic Zone.

Built on the Red Sea in northwest Saudi Arabia, NEOM is a living laboratory – where entrepreneurship and innovation will set the course for this new future. It will be a destination; a home for people who dream big and want to be part of building new models of 

sustainable and prosperous living.

How much is NEOM worth?

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, July 26 (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said on Monday his $500 billion flagship project NEOM is a huge economic zone that will eventually house 9 million people, To be completed in part through an initial public offering, expected in 2030.

How far is NEOM from Riyadh?

The flight distance between Riyadh and Neom is about  1250 km.

What did Prince Mohammed bin Salman say about NEOM?

The prince said that: “The NEOM project is one of the important projects in Vision 2030, and “The Line” is  also an affirmation of our firm commitment  so that we wi;; present the project to all the world , as NEOM is a place for dreamers of a better future , and throught it everyone will put their innovative and creative mark.”

What is so special about NEOM? Sure, my friend you will ask 

NEOM is located in the temperate region of northwestern Saudi Arabia, with a diverse climate of sun-soaked beaches and snow-capped mountains. NEOM's unique location will provide residents with a better quality of life while preserving 95% of the surrounding natural landscape .

How big will" NEOM" city be? Now,

It is planned to cover a total area of about  10,200 square miles, and also extended to about  170 kilometres along the coast of the Red Sea. Neom City will be amazing future city  made up of three regions; The Line, Trojena and the Oxagon.

How many people will live in NEOM city?

The Trojena ski resort is scheduled to open in 2026. Neom's biggest element, The Line, will "launch in 2045," according to the developer. By 2030, one million people are expected to live on The Line.

Ultimately, the economic zone is expected to accommodate 9 million people, and is expected to accommodate 450,000 people by 2026 and 1.5 million to 2 million people by 2030, prince Mohamed bin salman  said:. Expected to house 9 million people by 2045


Summary :

And now, my dear, dear, after we have reached the end of the distinguished article in which we talked about the city of NEOM, the city of a promising and bright future, which will be offered to settlers from Saudi Arabia and foreigners in other countries. in this amazing project

In the end, I hope that you will benefit from the article, and we may meet again in the future city of Neom!!.




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