What is datafication and why it is the future of business in 2023 ?


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Now, you may ask : What is Datafication?

Digitization is a current technology trend that aims to convert most aspects of business into quantifiable data that can be tracked, monitored and analyzed. It refers to the use of tools and processes to transform an organization into a data-driven enterprise.

Coined in 2013 by Kenneth Cukier and Victor Mayer-Schöenberger, the term "datafication" refers to the transformation of invisible processes into data that companies can use to optimize their business.

What is an example of datafication?


Netflix, the Internet streaming provider, is a shining example of the datafication process. It is available in more than 40 countries and has 33 million streaming members. Initially, the business was more brick-and-mortar in nature, with mail-order-based record rentals (DVD and Blu-ray) at its core.

 For example, data is created every time we make a phone call, text, tweet, email, use Facebook, watch a video, withdraw money from an ATM, use a credit card, or even walk past a security camera.

what are Advantages of Datafication?

Datafication helps data management

Datafication makes data processing faster

You can quickly access relevant data

What are the disadvantages of diatafication?

Data transfer can take a long time

Data memory is not good

Datafication can be a waste

Datafication is expensive

What technologies can be used in the datafication process?


Both artificial intelligence and machine learning play an important role in datafication, but the first step is to collect data from various sources. AI/ML algorithms then analyze the collected data to provide useful information for decision making

What is the difference between digitization and datafication?

Digitization involves converting analog information processes and products into digital format. Datafication, on the other hand, involves creating digital data from information, behavior, and physical objects.

What is the importance of datafication in a business organisation?


Datafication has many benefits, including the ability to make better decisions, increase efficiency, and create new products and services

Datafication helps companies improve their products and services by leveraging real-time data. This is also an important part of gathering customer feedback on the quality of products and services provided by the company.

Take, for example, a data-driven marketing strategy. As one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, the process involves collecting customer information through various channels such as social media, email and other digital platforms. This information can be used to create personalized campaigns for each customer and target the correct audience personas

Summary :


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And let me tell you that Datafication helps businesses improve their products and services by using real-time data

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