PUBG Mobile MOD APK (Auto headshot/ smoke removal/ aimbot +speed hack ) 2.5.0 for latest version 2023



Hello, dear readers, in one of the most interesting articles in which we will talk about a topic that occupies a lot of professionals in the PUBG Mobile game, where fans of the PUBG Mobile game are looking for a legendary file for the first time for free that includes many features with camera stability, smoke removal, headshot, and 40% hit power in PUBG Global and Korean without Band


In this article, we will explain in a simple way how to download the 100% camera stabilization file in PUBG Mobile, the latest update 2.5, without a band.

All you have to do is follow the article to the end to learn about the advantages and how to download.


Let's first get to know the PUBG game and who is the designer of the game?


The PUBG Mobile game is a famous game, and its popularity began after downloading it on the mobile platform in 2018, and it is one of the games that relies on a great deal of focus, especially with the presence of many content makers on YouTube or on Tik Tok.


The entire PUBG Mobile game, its idea originally depends on the Battle Royale, which is the idea that there are 100 players inside a distant island, and the players get off the plane to some of the areas on the island.



Players search behind weapons in order to survive and confront the remaining players in order to win in one match, and there are many details in the PUBG Mobile game that may make you relate to it, and it is considered the best game on the mobile platform

The extent of the popularity of PUBG is due to its presence on an easy and portable platform for everyone, and we all know that Arab society in general has a high percentage of poor people who cannot buy a larger platform such as a computer or a Playstation

The game designer is Brendan Green


Date of birth: Born in 1976.


Birthplace: Ireland (Irish: Éire) in Ballyshannon.


Education: He grew up in an army camp in Ireland.


Education: He graduated from high school in 1998, and graduated from the Faculty of Arts.


Work: work in party photography, website design






What is the latest update for the camera stability file, legendary shot speed, aimbot, and bounce prevention in PUBG Mobile 2023?


Many professional players who use guns are looking for the most powerful 100% camera stabilization file, the latest update, and it is a legendary file that works for the first time for free. It can be attached to the files of the PUBG game so that you can kill enemies and win the game, and when you install the Im Kings file, you can shoot opponents.


The Aim Al-Malouk installation file is 100 percent safe, with smoke removed, with Aimbot 60 when clashing only, without fog and without rain, and thus a sure win in the game and without a band.


What are the advantages of the full control file in the last update for free?

o The file size is too small


ü Open shooting with and without a scoop


o I am an assistant 100%


o Reducing the sign of pain in sitting


o Without fog or rain


o Delete tracking and monitoring files



Im Bot 60 when clashes


5% recoil on AR weapons for 100% safety


Camera stability 100 on MGlDP weapons

100% running speed


o 0.2 ms firing speed


ü Aimbot only works in clashes


o 100% camera stability


o Aim Assist 100%


o 40% hit power


o 10% recoil on AR weapons for safety




o Works on global and Korean PUBG


o Supports Android from version 6 to 14


or without a band


o Works on the main account


o Delete profiles and exit




How to download a camera stabilization file and free smoke removal for the first time in PUBG Mobile, the latest update?

Download the file whose link is at the end of the article


Then unzip it using Z archiver


Log in to download


then android then data


You will find the game file, then use the password, which is




And now you can enjoy the most powerful file that includes camera stabilization, rebound prevention, injury strength, and free iMessit for the first time, it works without a band, and the installation is done once in PUBG Mobile, the latest update 2023


to download the playback file


Press here :

To download the features file


Press here :

And for the link of experience and installation


Press here:

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