Pubg Mobile No Grass + No Recoil Config File (100% Work) 2023


Welcome, dear readers, in one of the most interesting articles in which we will talk about a topic that occupies a lot of professionals in the PUBG Mobile game, where fans of the PUBG Mobile game are looking for the latest update for the application of removing grass and water that works on the Erangel map in the global and Korean PUBG without Band


In this article, we will explain in a simple way how to download the Erangel map grass removal app in PUBG Mobile, the latest update 2.5, without a band.


All you have to do is follow the article to the end to learn about the advantages and how to download.


Let's first get to know the PUBG game and who is the designer of the game?


As we all know, "PUBG MOBILE" is a war game where you fight to survive in the battlefield, and it is also a game where 100 people fight a large number of battles on isolated map surfaces. Equipment, helps players play games and win competitive tournaments, there are many non-professional players and new players here who do not know how to set the game settings correctly, just like the professionals, we will learn the professional method as well as the most powerful weed and water removal file without band

The game designer is Brendan Green


Date of birth: Born in 1976.


Birthplace: Ireland (Irish: Éire) in Ballyshannon.


Education: He grew up in an army camp in Ireland.


Education: He graduated from high school in 1998, and graduated from the Faculty of Arts.


Work: work in party photography, website design



What is the latest grass removal application?

Many fans and professionals of the PUBG game searched for an effective way to remove trees and grass so that you can install weapons and eliminate enemies easily, and the application that we will include at the end of the article is 100% safe.


And the application works in the new update, and when activating the grass removal application, you can aim at opponents and work on stabilizing weapons in order to be able to eliminate enemies and win the game


What are the advantages of the new lawn removal application?


File size is too small


o With a 90 frame file and removing the lag


o Works to remove grass in (Arangel)


o Works to remove grass and water



o Works on global and Korean PUBG


o Supports Android from version 6 to 14


o It works to increase the quality and graphics


or without a band


Works on the main account


Install the file once


without problems






How to download a file to remove the grass of the Erangel map, the latest update?

Download the file whose link is at the end of the article


Then extract it using Z archiver


Log in to download


then android then data


You will find the game file, use the password, which is 10323


And now you can enjoy the most powerful grass and water removal file for the deadly Arangel map. It works without a band and installs once, the latest update 2023



And to download the Erangel map grass removal file to be installed before opening the game


Presshere :

And to download the file 90 frames + remove the lag



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