How to start investing in Gold for beginners


hello, my dear readers, in one of the most enjoyable and most requested articles at the present time, especially after investment has become the main concern for many of us.

Perhaps today's article is what large and small investors are searching for most, due to the large profits that you can get by investing in gold. In this article, we will talk in some detail and answer all the questions that will come to your mind regarding investing in gold. Since investing in gold has become a preoccupation for many people of different ages and genders, especially after it has become the first investment that does not require a lot of experience and research, you just buy and you are guaranteed an increase without researching and evasiveness in increasing it.

Let us first learn about gold and how to discover it?

. Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au and atomic number 79; Thus, it is one of the few elements that also has a high atomic number. It exists in the form of a mineral in nature, it is reddish-yellow, dense, elastic and malleable. Gold is a chemically transition metal, belonging to group 11 of the periodic table; It is also classified as a noble metal because it is not affected by most common acids, with the exception of aqua regia, which is a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids.

What is the history of the discovery of gold?


At about the same time that gold was discovered in the mines of the Whitewatersrand (Johannesburg) in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, several novels about Africa and its riches appeared in Europe, such as King Solomon Hagg's Mine (1885 AD) and Lewis's The. Diamond The Thief of Bosnar, and novels by Jules Verne, Conan Doyle and Man Reed, set in South Africa.

Among the Britons attracted by their newfound wealth was a young man named Cecil Rhodes, who was to play an unparalleled historical role in the history of modern gold.

What is the best way to invest in gold?

Of course, there is no unified way to invest in gold, but we can list several options and you can choose what suits you:


Purchasing physical gold: You can invest in gold by purchasing gold in its physical form or by purchasing jewelry, gold coins, or gold plates.


Gold Sukuk Funds: It is possible to invest in a gold fund by purchasing a document issued by the fund that specifies the amount of grams that each investor can own. Gold Sukuk funds allow investors to invest in gold without the need to buy gold in its physical form. Gold instruments can be purchased by investors and have the same price as gold.


Gold futures trading: Gold futures are traded on exchanges such as the New York Mercantile Exchange. Investors can buy contracts that include a specific amount of gold at a specific price during a specific time in the future.


Gold-related shares: Shares of gold mining and exploration companies can be purchased and are considered suitable for investing in gold, and of course they are affected by the price of gold.


Finally, you, as an investor, must evaluate the risks of each option and choose the option that best suits your needs and investment goals.


Is gold investment considered a safe investment? 

Gold investment is considered one of the safest investments in the world at the present time, as gold is considered a safe haven for many investors in cases of economic and political crises. Since gold has a fixed value and is not affected by inflation, unlike paper currencies.

 However, investing in gold requires a deep and good study and analysis of the market, and of course the price of gold must be monitored permanently, as the price of gold can be affected by many different factors. Some experts explained that gold, with its precious value, was not of great benefit during a crisis such as the Corona crisis.

 However, every investment has many risks that can be avoided with a lot of analysis and study.

What is the right time of year to buy gold?

Some believe that gold can be purchased in certain months, which are January, March, and the beginning of April, or from mid-June to early July of the year.

However, it is not possible to determine the ideal time to buy gold, as the price of gold is affected by several factors, including political and economic turmoil, inflation conditions, supply and demand, but investors must monitor the price of gold and technical analysis of the market to determine the optimal time to buy, and there is no harm in putting some doubt in technical analyzes over time periods. Certain risks and economic fluctuations.


Which is better, saving money or investing in gold?

It is not possible to be certain about either of them, as each of them has many advantages and disadvantages as well. Some consider saving to be safer, because it does not require study and analysis of the market, and it can be used quickly and concisely in emergency situations. While investing in gold requires deep technical study and analysis and continuous monitoring of prices, many economic experts consider it a profitable means, but it includes risks, so caution must be given.


What is expected in gold prices in the future?

It is expected that the opening price of gold in 2025 will be approximately $2,108. Also, the closing price in June 2025 will be approximately $2,075, and it is expected to continue rising until the end of December.


To summarize the above:...

Gold is a good investment option, but investors must fully understand the risks and opportunities associated with investing in gold. They must also choose the form of gold that suits their investment needs and goals, choose the appropriate way to invest in gold, and also deal with reliable and licensed companies to buy gold.


 In the end, experts consider that investing in gold has become part of a diversified and huge investment strategy aimed at diversifying the investment portfolio and achieving long-term financial goals through investing in gold.

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